Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Escape of gas

Rocks reek a reservoir of effluent dirt
A percolating, permeating potion alert
Aquifers as unreal as an advert

Do you suffer leaks in secret places?
Do all your friends hide their faces?
Do your pants grow heavy with waste water?
Do you avoid drinking to delay his torture?
Do you hold it in despite the pain?
Driven round the bend by teasing acid rain?

Because you just can’t handle the toilet
Seeing your violet, electric blue urine stains
And the glowing mutant soil etc

The way to maintain dignity is in your numbers stand up while you wee
And with poise protest the polluted pee

The spoil spills
Drips a trickle then flows a fountain
Sewer rats giggle and plants start shouting

Wetting myself in front of a reptilian killer (that sounds a bit like Godzilla)
Hit by limited information
I couldn’t stomach their premature excavation

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